Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Esquire Covers

Grain Edit had a post today about vintage Esquire covers, so I popped over to their cover archive to check them out for myself.

Below, some of my favorites:

The most incredible thing about Esquire, more than the fantastic art direction, was the amount of quality writing in each issue. As far as I know, Esquire still has great articles--why can't a magazine for women feature the same calibre of literature and cultural commentary?


  1. Those are some great covers! Esquire really was great back in the day, but nowadays it is a little disappointing. I actually really like GQ (another men's mag). They have really well-written articles on a fascinating variety of topics and are just generally classier than Esquire. Esquire, I think, is going through an identity crisis right now where they are caught between a couple of years out of college (Maxim) and a few years shy of being confident and suave (GQ). So it's like a 25-year-old guy. :)

    I love the umbrella cover you picked! They really did have some of the best covers out there.

  2. maybe WE should start a magazine like you describe! do bitch or bust fit that mold? are they too feminist?

    also, i kind of want to get that reindeer cover as a tattoo.