Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hit the Reset Button

I spent this past weekend holed up in my apartment, working on a project for work that turned out to be much more time consuming that I had originally anticipated. For some reason, January in the office has been brutal and I have been super busy. I found myself in a cranky rut, especially after having not gotten the lazy weekend I wanted. So yesterday, I skipped the office and went to Diesel so I could get more work done on the same project. I don't know if it was because of the coffee or because I was working on my own schedule, or what, but I felt so much more productive and motivated than I do when I'm in the office Monday through Friday. I even found time to do my laundry, tidy up the kitchen, and run a few errands, which further boosted my mood.

I'm back in the office today and feeling the pull of busy exhaustion again, but luckily, I have a major reset in the form of a long weekend coming up! Forecasted: birthdays, cupcakes, cocktails, dancing, boyfriend time, chocolate chip bacon pancakes, karaoke, and candlepin bowling. CAN'T WAIT.

What's your reset button?

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