Thursday, June 4, 2009


New Hampshire passed a marriage equality bill today, making it the 6th state in the nation, and the 5th in New England to do so. This is great news! But wait, there's something missing...

I know that my home state has a Republican governor and a somewhat more conservative population than my new place of residence, but seriously, Rhode Island? WTF? Your state motto is "Hope." To me, that means hope for tolerance, equal rights for all, and the right to happiness--not too much of a difficult concept to grasp. Get your act together, Little Rhody.


  1. As another Rhode Islander, I heartily second this. Especially since RI was founded on religious freedom! Stop being so puritanical, RI.

  2. As a new RI resident, this was my second thought on the NH news. (My first being something along the lines of "yippee!!")