Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild Things

I am not a wild person by nature, and I certainly wasn't a wild child. But I did love Maurice Sendak's classic story of imagination and the land of make believe. In first grade, we read the book and made monster masks out of brown paper bags. Mine had orange yarn hair and a mean, sharp-toothed grin. We wore our masks and danced around the room, pretending to be our monsters.

Spike Jonze's film adaptation is scheduled to premiere this fall and I have high hopes for it, based on the awesome poster and several of my Hollywood favorites (Catherine Keener, Paul Dano, and Lauren Ambrose) doing voices. Also, I will always love Jonze for his stellar Buddy Holly video . Another also, Dave Eggers is co-writing the screenplay. All kinds of awesome.

{image courtesy of Videogum}


  1. Hi Jill--loving your blog :) Here's a link to the new trailer Enjoy!