Monday, February 8, 2010

Boston Weekend--2/6-2/7/2010

I had a decidedly low-key weekend: I drove down to Rhode Island to see some family and friends, and also get my hair done. I also did laundry and slept a lot because I have a bugger of a cold. Luckily, my illness didn't stop me from enjoying some Super Bowl (and Puppy Bowl!!) festivities back in Boston on Sunday night. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

My hair, newly revitalized to its favorite shade of Angela Chase red. 

It pays to have friends in high places: my friend Llalan writes a beer column for Bostonist, and holds tastings every once in a while. This week, we got treated to chocolate beers--every bit as yummy as it sounds. 

We tried six different beers, but the clear favorite was this Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout--like ice cream in a bottle. Seriously. 

For the game, I headed over to Raquel's. Raquel is serious when it comes to food, so I knew there would be quite a spread. Check out these adorable penguins she made with black olives, cream cheese, and slivers of carrot! 

The spread. This doesn't even include desserts. 

What did you all do for Super Bowl Sunday?

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  1. Love the food spread at Raquel's and definitely buying that chocolate stout. Love chocolate beers!