Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion Book-Franny Glass

Before I learned how to read, I toted copies of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Glamour wherever I went. I called them my "fashion books" and I loved nothing more than looking through the beautiful photos. Ever since that time, both fashion and books have been among my principal passions. I do my best to meld the two--trying to be creative with my wardrobe on my meager publishing salary, but I decided to bring these two interests even closer. 

Every week from now on, I'll be putting together an outfit based on a character from the book I'm reading that week. This weekend, in honor of J.D. Salinger's passing, I re-read Franny and Zooey on the bus to New York. Franny Glass is one of my favorite characters in literature--a striking balance of naivete, thoughtfulness, and intelligence.  Here's what I think Franny might have worn on her afternoon date with her boyfriend Lane: 

Franny Glass


  1. man, the glass family is more loaded than i thought!

  2. looooooove that OSDLR blouse <3

    lovelove, M.